Big Money at Stake - Alcohol Sales Could Bring in $33 Million Annually to Benton County

The genesis of the ballot initiative group Keep Dollars in Benton County has the potential of bringing up to $33 million additional dollars into county and city coffers if the ballot amendment is approved. Benton County has been a dry county since the 1940's, but continues to be the "wettest" dry county in Arkansas with 120 private clubs serving alcohol to consumers. It is high time we took advantage of this tax boom, as folks are going to continue to drink alcohol purchased in Missouri and in Washington County. Might as well drag the Prohibitionists kicking and screaming into the 21st century, for the good of our county. We've had to do the same thing with those who didn't believe that the area could accomplish all that it has.

After all, who would have figured that a little town in Arkansas could be home to the largest company in the world? Sam Walton did...haha.