I'm Baaacckkk

If you came to my website in the last week or so you may not have been able to find it. I was upgrading to a new format and ran in to some problems. But now it's back...sorry for any inconvenience...

Important Change...for me anyway...

After 33 years at the Bentonville Fire Department I have decided to retire and sell real estate - full time, although I have always been full time really. It's a difficult decision to make but the time has come for the city and I to part ways. I have tried to do the best that I could for those in need and hope that I have made a bad experience better for a lot of Bentonville people over the past years. And so it goes....

real estate mania!

 I was just noticing that 76 properties have been listed in Bentonville in the last week!

And in that amount of time, 44 properties have gone under contract. That's an astounding number of properties. There are a total of 349 homes for sale right now in Bentonville.

All of those that were listed weren't homes, but the majority were.

A good time to jump in to the market, to either sell or buy. Give me a call today...

and Thanks!

And speaking of unique properties...

 I have a nice property for sale in Bentonville and there are no others like it. It is located on NW 3rd Street in what would be about the 2000 block. 4 acres of prime land sandwiched between a small farm and property owned by the Walton family which is, I am told, to be a trail system property. The owner purchased it many years ago when he was one of the only body shop owners in Bentonville. He worked on my grandmother's car when she dinged it up on several occasions. There are no structures on the property and it is fairly level, sitting up off the road and then level going back. The east side slopes gently off toward the creek in the valley. The property is not yet in the city limits but is surrounded. City planners tell me that it could be developed into six lots with all utilities at the road. The acreage is priced at $395,000. If you are looking for a beautiful home site or a small development please let me know. Drive by or call me for more details.


time for the soapbox speech...

The housing and land prices in Bentonville are getting ridiculous. Unless you have been living in a box, or don't know the area yet, this is very apparent to you by now I'm sure. However, it is getting to the point of being slightly insane. 

Every day I see more and more listings for property that, for whatever reason, prices homes and lots for many multiples over market. I don't know if folks just don't know the market or don't care. But this type of pricing is forcing the market upward with no comparisons to make it into a reality. This false market may be bad for buyers in the future.

Yes, I know the Bentonville market is changing. This is my 29th year in real estate in Bentonville. But a small lot or small house on a small lot that is a mile from the square doesn't nesseraily merit a huge price. There are other considerations, such as existing neighborhood, comparison properties which have sold in the last six months that can verify a true trend. Just not willy-nilly everywhere without consideration to what is actually happpening.

There is a way to go about judging property and price. Unless it is a unique property that has nothing to compare, there will be guidelines, and these are the same guidelines that appriasers use when doing their job of trying to figure out true value.

Talk to me before you list. I don't care who you are listing with, I can give you some advice. Don't be persuaded into pricing your property so high that all you get are a sign for months on end with no offers. Everyone gets hurt that way. The real estate agents in NWA are good and fair. If you are prepared with information, you will achieve you goal in the least amount of time. It is comparable to playing the Powerball lottery. Sure, you MIGHT win a billion dollars, but the odds are that you won't. At least come armed with good information. Might save you time and aggrevation.

My rule, outside of market comps, is that I have to believe in a property and it's value before I can market it for sale. If I don't then neither of us wins.

Let me know if I can help!

Downtown Bentonville Residential Workshop

 I attended an informative workshop last week on the Downtown Bentonville residential development plan. It is an excellent forum in which you can discuss ways to utilize downtown lots in order to provide the highest and best use of the land, a foundation of good city planning.

Lots of folks were in attendance, including developers, engineers, bankers, city officials, etc...and I think that the city is headed down the correct path to ensure proper growth in the future.

I'd love to sit down and talk about it with you if you are interested in buying or selling in Bentonville. Please give me a call or drop by.


The Bentonville Market...It's time to act!

 As anyone who has been watching the market in Bentonville can see, the time to buy or sell is now. If you have been sitting on the sidelines in a rental or are considering selling your home, or anywhere in between, give me a call.

There are currently 348 homes actively for sale with a Bentonville address. That's down a long way from last year at this time. The market is absorbing homes fairly quickly, especially if they are priced right. There have been 1471 homes that have sold since this time last year...that's quite a turn over! That would mean with current inventory, a home for sale would on average last about 3 months...not long if you compare to the overall market nation wide.

Let's do this! Call me today to buy or sell a home, commercial property, or land.

world series game - now off the bucket list...

Finally got to mark off another item from my bucket list. Went to game 2 of the World Series in Kansas City with my son and daughter. Sad that Mary couldn't go but meetings kept her from it. It was a real party, especially since KC was never in any danger of losing the game. I was glad to see Cubs fans there too especially a guy who brought his little son to the game. What experience for him!


Great seats above home plate...way above...




My daughter already lives in KC and is a Materials Planner with Russell Stover. My son is in junior year at the Walton College at the U of A studying Supply Chain Management and is turning 21 in a couple of weeks.I hate it when kids grow up!

Fayetteville roots festival and the Watkins family hour with fiona apple

Went down to Fayetteville last night for the Fayetteville Roots Festival. The Watkins Family Hour was quite entertaining. Led by premier musicians Sara and Sean Watkins, formerly of Nickel Creek, along with Fiona Apple, Don Heffington, Sebastian Steinberg and Benmont Trench. They did a spectacular job of rocking the Fayetteville Town Hall. They were joined by Sarah Jarosz off and on. Wonderful band and a wonderful time.