Bentonville Growth - 07-28-1888

From the Springfield Herald:

Northwest Arkansas is a lovely land and all who go there fall in love with it.

Large numbers of people are emigrating from Kansas and making new homes in Benton County and its thriving towns and cities. They are astonished as well as pleased on their arrival at the orchards loaded with delicious fruit until the trees almost lie upon the ground.

Bentonville, the county seat, is a well built and properous city., the terminus of the Bentonville Railway, and is growing steadily. Yje new buildings going up, whether residences or business blocks, are a sure indication of the prevalance among the people of the spirit of enterprise, as they are in line with the advanced spirit of the age. A new three stroy bank and store building is in progress of construction, and a large evaporator will soon be in operation. The evaporator will have a large capacity and will create a market for thousands of bushels of the apples now ripening in that land of apples. The people are liberal, kind, and hospitable, and extend a hearty welcome to all strangers who come to make their homes and assist in the development of the country.