Let's Take a Look at the Market

I like to provide a few statistics every now and then to let buyers and sellers know a more exact picture of the market than one can find on Realtor.com or Zillow.

Currently there are 490 homes on the market with Bentonville addresses. There have been 742 sold in the last six months, or 123, roughly, per month, so we have an inventory of almost exactly 4 months. That's a pretty low inventory of homes. And remember, winter is usually the slow season for real estate, considering the holidays and the weather. But we are having beautiful weather for late November with highs in the high 60's, so people are still out looking for homes. And the folks that are moving here don't come at any specific time, they come ALL the time. We, as a community, are fortunate. 

Centerton has 101 homes on the market and has sold or pending listings at 287 over the last six months. That's 48 sales a month in a market with many fewer homes than Bentonville. So there is about a 2 1/2 month supply of Centerton homes available currently on the market. Again, low inventory. 

Finally, Rogers has 403 homes on the market and has 745 sold in the last six months, nearly identical to Bentonville. 

Low inventory means higher sold prices for sellers because there are fewer homes to choose from. In the long term, there are several subdivisions in development that will add homes in the near future. My thought is that this will offer more choices, but the number of people moving in to our area will keep pace with the number of homes. 

If you are looking to buy or sell and want more information, please give me a call at 479-903-0328. It's a crazy market right now and although there are a lot of articles on the 'net about homes and home buying, it's good to have someone on your side doing the work.