Prices May Have Leveled Off...But Don't Think It's Over

I watch the prices of Northwest Arkansas homes on a minute by minute basis. It's true, although maybe it seems boring, but if I'm not out working with a client, I watch the new listings and reduced prices on my multi-list every minute of daylight, often into the night. I'm trying to not only catch good listings, but to try and ferret out the over-priced, the under-priced, great locations, etc... It's what you expect out of an agent. They watch it so you don't have to. And don't get me wrong, there are great online apps that give you lots of info. But when you have years and years of experience in an area, with the neighborhoods and the people, with the great locations vs the not so great - you're getting vastly more than you can get by looking at an app. 

The crazy prices that were happening in Bentonville have leveled off, finally. Everyone in the business knew it wouldn't last forever. We were, for a while, in a position that allowed one to ask nearly anything in the downtown area and expect to receive an offer. Those days, except for rare circumstances, are over. But prices aren't dropping like a lead balloon. Things are still good and prices are up; supply is limited. Bentonville today has 491 current listings. Many of those are new construction in the southwest part of the city. 992 listings have sold or gone pending in the last 180 days, which is about 165 homes sold a month. 

Looks like a good time to get in to the market, there are deals to be had. Please call me if you have questions - answers are free! 479-903-0328