Crystal Bridges is Beautiful in Early Spring

Mary and I took a walk on the Crystal Bridges trail yesterday because the mild weather made it feel like spring...everything is starting to try and set blooms. Hope it doesn't freeze back.



There were literally hundreds of people walking the trail, walking their dogs, or just enjoying the day. The Compton Gardens lot was almost full and the museum lot was also full. I saw several people carrying Museum Store sacks and heard a few folks who had accents that were of an international flavor...proof that the museum is drawing visitors from all over the world. I imagine that this will always be the case, although I have heard some speculation otherwise. I believe that the museum will draw people from around the country and around the world from here on out.





The new overlook was completed just this month - no more wooden platform but a real flagstone tiled rest area with flagstone bench seats...a beautiful addition to the trail.







The lakes are now filled with greenish water but clear to the bottom - a beautiful touch




I can only imagine what warm weather will bring...if you are reading this and haven't been yet, plan your trip don't know what you are missing!