Bentonville Fire Department Historical Inventory

Bentonville Fire Department

Equipment List



1892                     One   Hand Engine

                             One   Hose Cart       400 feet  2 ½” hose


1904                     Two    Hose Carts

                             One   Hook and Ladder Truck


1908                     Two    Hose Carts

                             One   Hook and Ladder Truck

                             21      Firefighters

                             750    Feet 2 ½” hose


1914                     Two    Hose Carts

                             One   Hook and Ladder truck

                             23      Firefighters

                             1250  Feet 2 ½” Hose

                             12      Leather Buckets


1922                     One   Ford Fire Truck    30 Gal. Chemical Tank

                             One   American LaFrance Fire Truck w/750 GPM                                                pump, Two 20’ ladders, 30 gal. chemical Tank

                             One   paid firefighter    Eighteen Volunteers


1933                     One   Ford Fire Truck    30 Gal. Chemical Tank

                             One   American LaFrance 24’ Ladder,

                                      200’ Chemical Hose










Bentonville Fire Department

Fire Chief List


1887           G.M. Craig  1st Chief


1918           Lee Seamster, President                   Ed Masoner, Chief

1919           A. Back, President                             Ed Masoner, Chief

1920           Floyd Moody, President           Frank Hamilton, Chief

1921           Dick Hickman, President         Floyd Moody, Chief

1922           Lee Seamster, President                   Floyd Moody, Chief

1923           Dick Hickman, President         Frank Hamilton, Chief

1924           Dick Hickman, President         James Galbreath, Chief

1925           Henry Cavness, President       James Galbreath, Chief

1928           J.H. Kohley, Chief

1931           F.M. Brock, Chief

1933           C.J.Wright, Chief

1948           Tom Macon, Chief

1955           Bryan Maples, Chief

1956           Joe Haney, Chief

1958           Bryan Maples, Chief

1960           Truman Boling, Chief

1972           Jerry Griffith, Chief

1986           Leon Reece, Chief

1999           Randy Baldridge, Chief

2001           Dan White, Chief

2012           Brent Boydston, Chief