from CNN online - 7 artsy hotels around the world - only two are in the US and guess what one of them is?

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21c Museum Hotel, Bentonville, Arkansas

While the rest of the hotels featured on this list hail from some of the biggest cities on the globe, 21c makes the cut for its third outpost, a 2-month-old operation tucked away in Bentonville, Arkansas. 21c has made headlines for delivering properties that nurture the contemporary arts scene in Louisville and Cincinnati. The Bentonville offshoot is equipped with 12,000 square feet of exhibition and event space that will see a rotation of solo and group shows. Eight site-specific installations (from sculpture to wallpaper) from emerging artists like Alexandre Arrechea and Rob Wynne are currently on display.

Elite Hotel Breaks Ground in Bentonville

From the 21c website:

Located on the northeast corner of the city’s town square, 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville will support the renewal of downtown Bentonville and serve as an additional catalyst for culture, entertainment and economic growth. Like 21c Louisville, it will be woven into the fabric of downtown, welcoming both visitors and members of the community to experience its rotating exhibitions, participate in its programs and enjoy its culinary offerings. With more than 12,000 square feet of exhibition, meeting and event space, 21c will present curated, rotating exhibitions, dynamic installations and live art events.

The plan features a four-story contemporary building with an active street level presence. With 103 rooms, including suites, the hotel will offer a fitness center and other amenities. The hotel also will feature a restaurant that supports sustainable agriculture and serves contemporary cuisine showcasing locally grown and produced ingredients. Design Architect Deborah Berke & Partners, who created the cutting-edge 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville, will collaborate with Little Rock-based firm Polk Stanly Wilcox and Louisville-based co-developer Poe Companies on the 21c Museum Hotel in Bentonville. The property in Bentonville will be designed, constructed, and operated incorporating green practices and using sustainable materials.

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